Digital Service

Other Services

Web+Pixels services don’t end with providing your website with a fresh, sophisticated look that caters to your needs. We aim to be your one-stop shop for everything else you need on your website, including photography and brand design.

Photography Services

Product Photography

We take pride in being able to make your products look their best, bringing out the most enticing and amazing features of what you want to show your audience.

Team Photos

Let us know how you want your team photos to turn out, and let’s work together to bring your concept to life. From fun-themed team photos to corporate ones, we’ll work to make sure that you put your best image out there.

Stock Photos

To make sure your website isn’t too text-heavy and that it doesn’t look boring, support your posts with stock images to add something to your content.

Website Services

Website ReDesign

Want to give your site a makeover? Call us and let’s talk about bringing change to your website for a fresher look that will suit your taste better.

Website Backup

This involves initial backup of your website, where we will also monitor it and constantly save any changes you make, so you never lose anything. Through this you can backup your data, secure it, and relaunch it with no problems.

Website Maintenance

Whether you want to add or delete something to your website, launch widgets or new features to optimize your look, send us a message.

Website Transfer

If you want to transfer your website from an old host to a new one, send an inquiry. The good part? You can get this service for free if your files and database are under 500 MB.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is a part of Google’s advertising solution with keyword targets that let your website index in Google first page result. To learn more about this service, send us a message.

Brand Design

Flyer Design

Need to spread the word about what you have to offer? We’ll make you eye-catching designs that’s going to make people curious about what you planned for them. Whether it’s for an event or advertisement for anything you want, let’s work to get the design you want to show your audience.

Corporate Profile Design

A well-designed profile will immediately catch anyone’s attention. First impression matters, and the right design can tell people a lot about your image and potential, especially the quality of your products and services. If you want to reach the right audience and keep them on your website, let us help you.

Catalog / Menu Design

We can create a design that will appeal to your target audience and invite your potential clients and customers to avail what you have to offer them.

Banner Ads Design

Ads are important to promote your brand, improve your presence and put yourself on the map. Let us help you boost your performance with our eye-catching designs.

Business Card Design

You can’t just put your name and number - your business card is also a way for people to remember you. The vibe and look of your card will affect how people see you - do you want your business cards to represent your energetic, laid back company, or do you want a sleek, corporate look?